This section focuses on various interactive products. We have a discussion board, ask a professional, and CLOVER, a tool designed to build animated narrative vignettes (simulations). Please browse the discussion board and ask a professional section.

We have developed and designed Clover, an authoring tool that engages students and teachers in a technology-rich design process to construct animated narrative vignettes (simulations) that deal with school interactions. The tools leads students through the process of constructing a vignette - writing a narrative, writing a script, sketching characters and scenes, animating scenes, and responding to vignettes created by other students [Tettegah, 2002, 2003, 2004].

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To enable students to construct vignettes, we developed a prototype (CLOVER). Using students, teachers, and educational experts as design partners, we iterated on a series of low-fidelity prototypes. After several iterations, we constructed a working implementation and informal evaluation with middle school students showed that they could use the tool to express meaningful stories. Clover executes on a PC and can be used with a digitizing pad or mouse device for drawing.

Clover connects the delivery of content (language arts, & fine arts) and technology education in the classroom. Students become more interested in learning and using the technology because they are constructing stories that are personally meaningful to them. Because the vignettes are based on real-life experiences and are more compelling than those created with just pencil and paper alone, students will become more vested in the learning process and the vignettes will have greater learning impact.

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Vignette References

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CLOVER is available for download at here. Please take a moment to fill out the usability survey for CLOVER. Your feedback and comments help to improve the design of the tool.

The animated narrative vignettes are not available to the public. If you are interested in showing some of them to your class or school, please contact the ICCTP administration.