Site Description

The Intercultural Cross Cultural Teaching Portal aims to establish communities of diverse P-16 educators, service professionals and students who are learning, working, teaching or preparing to teach in a professional educational environment. By coming together, we share our commitments and concerns as we review and recapture our experiences in facing the challenges of educating all children. We want to create spaces specifically for individuals of the same cultural background to communicate with and learn from each other. We also encourage intercultural and cross-cultural communications among teachers of different ethnic groups. We ask questions such as, how past experiences shape our vision of children's learning and schooling in general. More specifically, how do our language, personal, social, and cultural identities help to mold our interactions within the classroom?

In addition to consolidating numerous online teaching resources, there are four main interactive features of the portal: Animated Vignettes, Caucus Group discussion forums, the 'Ask a Professional' interface, and finally the Site Survey.

The highlight of the ICCTP is the vignettes section. Depicting problematic in-class situations developed from real-life events, the vignettes provide an opportunity for educators and students to witness, respond to and discuss potentially difficult issues that they might one day encounter in their own classroom.

The main purpose of the discussion forums is to facilitate discussions on issues that may arise in a classroom. Some groups are more comfortable sharing with individuals whose worldviews are somewhat similar in nature. Although every individual may have different values, attitudes, and beliefs, we believe that some educators will feel more comfortable in caucus groups of other similarly self-identified people. It is in this spirit that we provide online space for racial and ethnically identified caucus groups so that, for example, Asian and Asian American educators can share their experiences as Asian/Asian American educators in intercultural and cross-cultural classrooms. We are interested in hearing from all educators, nationally and internationally, in intercultural and cross-cultural classroom environments.

The Ask a Professional section provides access to professionals in the field of diversity, multicultural, intercultural, social justice and cross-cultural teaching. Questions and information submitted through this interface will be forwarded to an appropriate expert, who will respond accordingly.

Our goal is to provide a forum where all educators feel comfortable expressing themselves, and where all ideas, including controversial ones, can be explored without fear of prejudice. Respectively, each forum provides a space where members of that group can share and express concerns within and across cultural groups. While anyone can enter any room, we hold a position that each group be allowed to share comfortably based on their racial/ethnic worldviews and experiences.

Finally, before leaving we encourage you to participate in our Site Survey. This is, of course, a key tool that can help us to continue to grow and develop in whatever directions teachers find useful.

Information submitted to this site may be used for research purposes.

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