The vignettes on the following page are designed to allow each of us to reflect on our own teaching practices, and respond to the situation depicted in a way that you feel is appropriate. The vignettes are animated simulations depicting a real classroom event. The goal is to provide you with a scenario, allow you to provide feedback on how you would respond to the situation, then let you review possible responses or outcomes of the scenario.


<Sample Vignette>


Your response will be sent to a database, recorded, and stored for future analysis. Analysis provides ICCTP with information that can help us understand ways to improve future vignettes for viewing. Personal perspectives can help assist us with activities and information provided via this portal. We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas freely. Your anonymity is assured.

Please note that the vignettes are unavailable for the public. If you are interested in showing some of them to your class or school, please contact the ICCTP administration.

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